To protect your foundations you need to also pay attention to the drainage in and around your property. Pooling water can cause erosion and rotting, or allow infestation, as well as causing changes to the level of the ground which can crack a concrete slab foundation and cause serious damage to foundations which are made in the pier and beam style. Simply ensuring good home maintenance is a step towards preventing water management issues, but in some cases you might also need a little help to make sure your home or commercial property is properly drained.

Why Is My House Struggling With Poor Water Management?

Some properties can seem to experience more problems with drainage than others. In some cases this is due to the soil type in the area, or the landscaping. A soil with high levels of clay especially can expand and contract with moisture, which can lead to foundation problems. And if your yard slopes down towards the property, this can also mean that run off water pools by the foundations and can cause damage. Finally, if your property doesn’t have the right, functional and clean guttering needed to remove rainwater quickly from the roof, and well away from the home, this can lead to further issues.  

What Problems Can Poor Drainage Cause?

Poor drainage around your home or commercial property can be a worry. You might find over time that your foundations are damaged, and the property starts to become structurally unsafe. Water – and moist environments – can also lead to infestations, rot and mold, which can damage the foundations, as well as causing allergens and insects to enter your home. Left untreated, you could find cracks appear in the walls and floor, and your home might even sink. Call the team from San Marcos Foundation Repair for a free inspection estimate, and to keep your family safe and dry.

Improving The Drainage In and Around Your Property

We work with residential and commercial buildings to assess, inspect and correct drainage issues and erosion control. This involves checking for the root cause of any poor drainage, which could be causing problems in the yard, basement, or around the foundations. Once we have identified the source of the drainage issue we can talk through options to improve the drainage, including installing proper water management systems, fixing broken or inadequate guttering, or improving external drainage by installing channels to move excess water into the storm drain system.

Our Drainage Services Service

Interested in learning more about our Drainage Services? No matter what the problem, we are sure that we will have the solution. Our experienced team at San Marcos Foundation Repair has been working for years in the area, across all foundation types, and in properties of every style and heritage. The whole team is waiting for your call. You can have someone come to your property to give a free no obligation estimate using the online option on our website contact page, or just give us a call.


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