Erosion around your property can cause damage to the foundations, including settling and sinking. These problems are inconvenient and expensive – which makes it a smart move to keep a watchful eye on erosion issues, and get a professional in to fix anything needed in good time. We can help with drainage control, by adding or repairing retaining walls or adding extra support to your foundations to keep the property level, sturdy, and able to put up with the climate and all it throws at us.

Why Does Erosion Control Matter?

We are all about healthy foundations – and keeping soil erosion controlled around your property is a key way to ensure your foundations stay strong. Soil erosion can cause a number of issues, including cracks and gaps under concrete slab foundations. In block and base, and pier and beam foundations, erosion can also damage the supports which can cause issues inside the property. If there is a foundation problem, you might experience house settlement as the property shifts and even sinks – not something you want to deal with. It’s far easier to address erosion issues early, and avoid the long term problems they can cause.

Methods Of Erosion Control

When it comes to foundations, we here at San Marcos Foundation Repair really know our stuff. We can help find the right erosion control solution for your property. This might be in installing or repairing a retaining wall, in landscaping the yard and surrounding of the property to protect the top soil, or adding other features such as piles or supports which allow the foundation to stay solid and stable. Improving drainage on and around the site is also a key component of controlling soil erosion – and of course, we offer a full range of drainage solutions to make sure your yard and home are looked after.

What Can I Do To Manage, And Limit Erosion Myself?

There are some steps every property owner can take to make sure that their home is not at risk from erosion damage. Keeping an eye out for telltale signs of foundation damage is important, as well as regular home maintenance such as cleaning out gutters which could otherwise block. Having a good drainage system is a key requirement – watch your yard after heavy rain to see if there are areas where the drainage is not as good as you would like it to be. And if you decide you need a professional opinion – don’t hesitate to contact San Marcos Foundation Repair for an estimate.

Our Erosion Control Service

Our Erosion Control service is something needed regularly by customers here in San Marcos, Austin and San Antonio, and over the years, our team at San Marcos Foundation Repair has served many members of the local community, often fixing potential foundation problems long before they become too expensive and time consuming. As with all foundation worries, it’s best to have an expert assess your property early, if you think erosion might cause damage. Have a look at our contact page to have someone come to your property to give a free no obligation estimate. Find out much more details about us.


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