Pier and beam foundations need regular inspections and preventative maintenance to make sure they are in a good state of repair, and can support your home well. This method of construction has a number of benefits, including making it easy to install and access utilities in the property – but can be prone to warping, infestation and even rot. This can lead to longer term issues with the structure of your home – which comes with an expensive repair bill. Avoid this by having regular preventative maintenance, and keeping an eye out for possible signs of damage.

What Is A Pier And Beam Foundation?

Not sure if you have a pier and beam foundation in your home? We can help. A pier and beam foundation will mean that your home is build off the ground, with a crawl space beneath it. This is in contrast to the concrete slab foundation type which is also common in Texas, and involves the property being built directly onto a poured concrete slab. Pier and beam foundations have been used for years, although construction methods have changed over time, from wood in the 1930s, through concrete, with steel commonly used these days in both construction and repairs.

What’s The Advantage Of Having A Pier And Beam Foundation?

Pier and beam foundations give room under the home to install ventilation, and ducts, and to give access to plumbing and other essentials. Because you can access these key points via the crawlspace, there is no need to dig up your concrete foundations, or cause damage to the property to get to a plumbing leak or repair the HVAC system. However, pier and beam foundations do have their disadvantages too, including being vulnerable to pests, and infestation, and warping if wooden joists are used. Call San Marcos Foundation Repair to learn more about pier and beam preventative maintenance and repairs.

Signs Of Problems With Pier And Beam Foundation

One thing every member of the team here at San Marcos Foundation Repair will tell you, is that taking quick action when you spot a potential foundation issue, is the best way to avoid an unnecessarily high repair bill in the future. Pier and beam foundations can warp and decay, causing structural problems for the property. If you spot cracks in the floor, walls or outside of the building, or can see decay, rot or other damage in the crawl space of your house, get in touch today. 

Our Pier and Beam Repair Service

Excellent customer service, and a high quality repair job is our priority. We are delighted that people tell us that San Marcos Foundation Repair is the best available service, if you need affordable foundation repair here in San Marcos, or in Austin or San Antonio. If you’ve got a property with pier and beam foundations, it’s a smart idea to have regular inspections and preventative maintenance to make sure that the structure is safe and sound, and any repairs can be done early. Have someone come to your property to give a free no obligation estimate by calling the number available here on the website.


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