​San Marcos Foundation Repair offers a full range of foundation repair and connected services. We are proud to be able to serve customers in San Marcos, TX, and areas surrounding Austin and San Antonio, TX.

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, you’ll need to keep the foundations in good repair to protect your investment – and of course, your family, employees and customers. Spotting a problem, such as a cracked concrete slab, damage to pier and beam foundations, erosion or issues with a retaining wall, can be worrying. Foundation issues do tend to get worse over time if they are not addressed, and can end up costing much more to repair if not dealt with early. For this reason, we always advise customers to get an expert opinion sooner rather than later, to make sure your home is structurally sound, and you’re not stuck with a big repair bill down the road.

Got a foundation problem? Get in touch. Our main services are as follows: To learn more about the affordable foundation repair services we offer, have a look at the client testimonials which you can find here on our website. For more information and to have someone come to your property to give a free no obligation estimate, you’ll find all you need our contact page.

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