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San Marcos Foundation Repair

​If you’re looking for foundation repair in San Marcos, TX, or the areas surrounding Austin and San Antonio, TX, you’ve come to the right place! Our team specializes in slab repair, pier and beam repair, house leveling, retaining wall repair, drainage services, and erosion control – so whatever foundation problem you might be experiencing, we are here to help.  To get everything you need to have someone come to your property to give a free no obligation estimate have a look at our contact page.

About Us

Our great team is fully qualified and experienced – and operate to high standards to ensure your home or commercial property is safe and protected for years to come. We can offer all types of foundation repair, including solutions for block and base foundations, and preventative maintenance for pier beam foundations. As professional and experienced foundation experts, you’ll be in great hands, whether you have found a cracked slab, need help with settlement repair, or have worries about the drainage or erosion around your property, and how them may impact your foundation structure. If you need foundation repair in San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio, or the surrounding areas, get in touch today!

We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.

As you would expect, the fully qualified team here at San Marcos Foundation Repair offer a full range of foundation repair services, covering repair, inspection, and preventative maintenance. Read more about the work we do, below, and on the service pages of this website.  For a foundation repair service which is both experienced and affordable, give us a call today.



As local foundation experts, we know that many homes in this area have been constructed with a concrete slab foundation, which is well suited to our climate. However, there can be issues over time, as concrete can wear and crack, which requires maintenance to prevent structural damage to the property. If you spot any issues with your concrete slab foundation, give our team at San Marcos Foundation Repair a call today.



Pier and beam foundations benefit from regular maintenance and inspection, to prevent issues occurring. If you discover that there is damage to the structure of your pier and beam foundation, or would like to have it checked out to ensure your home is well protected, get in touch.

“San Marcos Foundation Repair are the best out there if you need help with foundation problems.” - GR, San Antonio, TX


House raising, or house leveling, is done if a building experiences settling, sinking or sagging in places. Depending on whether you have a pier and beam foundation, a concrete slab, or block and base construction, the approach taken to repair problems can vary. Get in touch to learn more about the House Leveling services available at San Marcos Foundation Repair.



Retaining walls are used to protect your home – and so of course, any damage or wear and tear should not be ignored. Replacing a retaining wall is expensive and time consuming – repairing one need not be. Spotted issues, such as sagging, bending or crumbling in your retaining wall? Why wait? Call a member of our fully qualified team today to find out more.


“We needed foundation repair services when we moved to our new home, and discovered we had a cracked slab which could have caused structural damage. After getting our quote, we did compare a few companies, but this was the best on offer, and they were able to get started on repairing the concrete crack really quickly, which set our minds at rest, too. San Marcos Foundation Repair delivered for us, and I have no hesitation in recommending them” - Pat, Austin



We offer a full service covering everything needed to protect your home and keep your foundations in good repair. Good drainage is a key element to making sure your foundations are solid, and the soil beneath your home continues to support it. There are a number of different drainage solutions and services we can offer you, depending on the issues you have, and we always work to a high standard, with a focus on great job for the right price.



Erosion around the home can cause foundation problems, including settlement, cracks and sinking. Slab foundations can shift due to erosion leaving gaps beneath the slab, and pier and beam foundation types can also be affected by erosion, leading to warping and rotting. Don’t ignore it if you think there is erosion on and around your property. Call us today.

“Highly recommend San Marcos Foundation Repair if you need foundation repair services! After worrying for days about foundation settlement repair costs, I came across these guys through a lucky google search. They were able to offer a great quote for the work I needed to get my house back in order, and worked professionally and courteously throughout.” - KD, San Marcos, TX

Contract Us

​Our fully qualified team at San Marcos Foundation Repair is always happy to talk to new customers looking for foundation repair services in San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio, and beyond. Check out our contact page for details of how to get in touch with the team electronically, or call us on the number available here on the website.