Concrete slab foundations are frequently seen in buildings in our area, becoming popular in the mid-20th century, thanks to their ease of use and practicality. This method of construction is relatively cheap and easy, and lasts well, but can require occasional maintenance and repairs over time. If you experience drainage issues, erosion, or have a heavily planted yard, or flower borders near to your home, you may find that the concrete slab starts to crack – an issue which should be assessed and fixed as soon as possible to avoid structural damage to your home.

What Is A Concrete Slab Foundation?

We know foundation types can be confusing when you’re not a pro – so let’s start with a bit of background about the type of foundation you have in your home. Concrete slab foundations are common in our area, thanks to the warmer weather we enjoy compared to other regions of the US. Slab foundations involve pouring concrete into a ready prepared space, to give a solid and flat surface for building. This concrete slab then sits directly on top of the surface of the ground, unlike a pier and beam foundation which is constructed off the ground, with a crawl space underneath.

What’s The Benefit Of Having A Concrete Foundation?

Slab foundations are great as they are relatively cheap and quick to pour, and allow building to get underway quickly. They can lead to lower utility bills compared with a pier and beam construction, and there is little maintenance required compared to a foundation with wooden construction. That said, concrete can crack, particularly if there are movements in the earth it’s set on, due to temperature and moisture changes. That’s why good drainage and erosion control are essential to ensure the health of your slab foundation. Worried about your foundations? Give San Marcos Foundation Repair a call if you need help!

Signs Of Slab Foundation Issues

The fully qualified team here at San Marcos Foundation Repair will be happy to come to your property – residential or commercial – to assess your concrete slab foundation for damage or maintenance needs. Common signs that there may be a problem include cracks on the walls or floors, or other evidence of movement in the house, such as doors and windows which suddenly seem stiff or difficult to open and close. All of these things could indicate movement in the foundations, or cracks to the slab, which should be addressed urgently.

Our Slab Repair Service

At San Marcos Foundation Repair our Slab Repair and pier beam repair service is tailored to your needs. That means we start with a site visit to provide a free inspection estimate, and talk through your issues and options. All repairs are carried out to minimize the impact on you and your family, with our team working as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can just get on with your day to day life. To learn more about the fully qualified team of foundation contractors we have, and the high quality work we do, get in touch today.


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