House leveling, or house raising, is done in order to return a property to its intended state, after it has settled or experienced shifting in the foundations. This could be caused by erosion, flooding, rotten pier and beam foundations, or a cracked concrete slab, for example. If you see warping or cracks to your flooring, or the walls inside or outside of your building are showing signs of damage, including cracks, it’s time to get in touch with a professional to ensure your home is in good repair, and will protect your family for years to come.

What is House Leveling?

House leveling is carried out if a home is seen to be shifting on its foundations, for example sinking in places or at one side. It’s a process of restoring the home back to its original state, if it has experienced structural or foundation issues. It’s important to note that house leveling should be carried out alongside identifying and correcting the issues which caused the problem in the first place. If there’s a leak, drainage problem, erosion or similar, these problems must be fixed to ensure the house isn’t vulnerable to more issues in future. Call San Marcos Foundation Repair to learn more.

What Causes a Property To Sink, Settle or Sag?

There can be many reasons your property experiences issues with sinking, which can vary depending on the foundation type. Foundations might crack or erode, the soil may shift, expand or contract along with changes in the temperature or due to excess moisture, while cases of infestation or rot can impact wooden construction foundations. In fact, even the planting you choose for your yard can make a difference to the state of your home’s foundations. What’s most important is that you take action, if you think your home might be experiencing damage due to foundation issues. An expert foundation contractor from San Marcos Foundation Repair can help.

How Is House Leveling Done?

The route we take to repair damage will depend on the construction of your home and the foundation type. Concrete slab foundations might require some excavation underneath the slab, in order to insert pilings or piers to raise the slab. In some cases, gaps under the slab can be filled using a chemical approach. For pier and beam foundations, leveling often involves repairing the existing structure, and using additional supports such as piers and pilings to add a little extra stability. The soil underneath the property may also need to be addressed, to ensure it’s stable enough to support the building for the long term.

Our House Leveling Service

If you think that your home is in need of house raising, or other foundation repairs and retaining wall repair, you’ll want to find a professional and affordable solution. We are proud that we always offer genuine and considered advice, and can work within your budget to provide the right service for you. To see what previous customers say about us, have a look at the client reviews for our foundation repair services, which you can find here on our website. 


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